my cats are scratching my door frames!!!

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lorrainej | 13:20 Wed 15th Aug 2007 | Pets
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how can i stop my 3 house cats from scratching my door frames?


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I wish I knew! My lot have got a scratching post & they go out as well, but still like the door frames, the sofa, in fact anything!!
Cut their feet off!!
I dont think you will.When a cat wants to do it will do excuse the pun.Mine have a scratching post and plenty of toys but they still prefer blinds....ect. You could try pepper dust near your door frame see if that puts them off,I can say it works outside, so why not inside.Good luck you will need it but bless em all the same when they set their minds on certain things there is no stopping them lol
Cleo decided that the bannisters would make a good scratching post this morning!
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thank you everybody. i cant be too cross with them , bless them!!!!
I know you can get a spray to stop pets chewing, maybe this will work with the scratching too?
When my last cat used the door frames as emery boards he always made sure that I was watching - knowing fine that he could make a run for it before I caught him. He used to meow if I wasn't watching him! Twisted little devil or what?
Maybe you ought not to stop them - or they will possibly transfer the scratching to something worse such as your sofa (that is, if they don't already!). At least wood can be sanded down, cloth/leather isn't so easy to repair. That's the attitude I adopt to my cat filing her nails on my skirtingboards.
This may be annoying, but a good way to this is to put cardboard where they are scratching for like a week or two, this is how i got my cats to stop scratching the couches, they hate the feel of cardboard on claws, i suppose styrofoam would work too, but cardboards a bit easier on the ears.

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my cats are scratching my door frames!!!

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