How do you wean (it thats how you spell it) a kitten?

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jessieandme2 | 23:09 Tue 03rd Jul 2007 | Pets
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Hi there, Can anyone tell me how I can wean my two kittens. They are now seven weeks old and still feeding from their mum, but I think she has had enough. She is getting rough with them and I dont know if this is normal. I would also like to know how you litter train them? can anyone help. Thanks.


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Both weaning and litter training usually occur naturally, the kittens start to share their mums food (make sure its a soft cat food, although you can buy kitten food). Place a litter tray near to where they sleep (better if you can confine them to an enclosed area like under the stairs or between cupboards). This will also allow mum to get away and they will then have to feed themselves. usually they have been weaned by this age, though so make sure mum can get away when she wants to. If she is not leaving them, then take her away for short periods, gradually getting longer.
good luck, when my friends cat had kittens the only thing she did differently was after the kittens had started feeding themselves as soon as they were finished she used to take them and put them in the litter tray so they knew where it was as food goes through kittens quite quickly and they took it as a sign that was their toilet so to speak

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How do you wean (it thats how you spell it) a kitten?

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