Did You Know Drinking Sea Water Can Kill Your Dog?

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ladybirder | 08:41 Mon 27th Jun 2022 | Pets
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My little dog was sick around 16 times last night from about 10.30pm to 4.40am and he was of course absolutely dehydrated. I took him to a vet at just after 5am. The reason for him being so poorly was he had drank some sea water when down on the beach earlier in the day. I didn't know it could be so dangerous so I'm writing this as a warning to others who also might not be aware. A little probably won't hurt them but too much can kill a dog so when I read that on the internet I decided to get to the vet straight away. Cost me just short of £500, Ouch! We're both going back to bed now as neither of us have had a wink of sleep. Night night. xx


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Yes I hope he's as good in the morning as he's been since he came home. We shall see. Bless you both. xx
Wishing you both sweet dreams x
Oh heavens! I’ve just read this. Poor little boy. What a fright! Sooooo pleased he’s okay, LB. You must be so relieved. Sleep well .. both. X
That is good news, you will be watching like a hawk from now on.

My mum gave our first puppy some leftovers in a steak pie foil container once. He ate it all, including the foil. It was gone in a second (he was a big boy).

Get well soon to your little terror. ♥
Good morning, ladybirder. Did you both have a good night?
How is the little pup today?
I do hope it's not bad news for the little fella. :0(

Everything crossed. x
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Evening choux, ww, he's a lot better today thank you. We both had a solid night's sleep but he wouldn't eat or drink again when we got up. However he wanted to go for a walk so we lured him into eating and drinking before he was allowed to go;-)). Slept quite a bit today but also hurled himself into the garden when any squirrels dared to enter (as usual).
The downside is that all the tests he was given at the vets practices yesterday revealed he has Pancreatitis. Good that I know I guess!
Could the pancreatitis be the cause of the vomiting and not the seawater?
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Thank you for the update, lady.

Good to hear he's a lot better today. x
My dog was the same, Jura - sick straight after drinking seawater, she never drank it again although she often played and swam in the sea.
Hope he is ok. Can I just add that the dogs don't have to actually drink much sea water, they can suffer if they are running in and out of the sea and ingesting it accidentally and especially if their humans are throwing a ball or stick into the sea for them to catch in their mouth. Dogs don't realise and will keep chasing the ball and taking in water with each mouthful.
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I don't know Barry nor did the vet but Jay's not going onto the beach again except on a lead in future. He's not vomited since early hours of Monday morning and the vets are concentrating on the Pancreatitis now of course. He has had a few slurps of water today but won't touch the dry food he now has to live on with the occasional bit of boiled chicken breast with no skin mixed with rice.

I comfort myself with the thought that no dog is going to let itself starve to death when there is food on offer.

He did give me such a fright so thank you all for your kind support. xxxxx
ladybirder, so pleased to read Jay is on the mend. I am sure that he will get used to a dry diet, bless him. Pancreatitis can be painful but a good diet (I should say an appropriate diet as I am sure you have always fed him well) will win the battle. I understand dogs can be given eggs, scrambled, as they are high in protein.So very pleased that sleep patterns are returning to normal. I wonder if the poor little pup associates any water lapping is going to be bad for him?
Give him a hug from me please x
It may be that the diagnosis of Pancreatitis is a good thing, you can change his diet before he starts to show any symptoms.

I hope that he complies with any dietary changes - unlike my profile picture, Frankie, he totally refused to eat the Renal Food and his Kidney disease got worse.
Colin would live on scrambled eggs given the chance.
Have to say none of mine have ever been sick after playtime in the sea.
Colin would be a very windy boy if all he ate was eggs!
I love the smell of wet dogs, brings back so many happy memories.
The smell of scrambled eggs is another matter entirely!

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Did You Know Drinking Sea Water Can Kill Your Dog?

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