Anyone Else Feed Their Dog Ice Cream In Hot Weather?

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ladybirder | 14:39 Wed 15th Sep 2021 | Pets
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My boy is sometimes treated to a Waggy Doggy Ice Cream when in a local park. Old Sock flavour of course. He loves it.
What do you do to keep your mutts cool?


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"What do you do to keep your mutts cool?" I dress him in a beret and shades, making sure he gets plenty of jazz. :-)
18:11 Thu 16th Sep 2021
LB, are you having a better time feeding him lately? if not perhaps the answer is ice cream!
My poor pup is unwell at the moment and has a raised temp, but the vets cant see why. i dont think it's lack of ice cream tho
Bednobs - I hope that your wee lad feels better soon. He is just a baby.

Ladybirder - it is about 20 years since my last dog died. I used to give him ice cream. He loved it. But to be honest the only thing that he wouldn't eat was Jelly and Cabbage. He loved garlic bread, garlic bread didn't love him.

i've never known a dog have a raving temp before. He is very still and quiet and it's making me very sad. Usually he would come with me everywhere to see what he could "help" with, what he could woof at for me, what he could round up for me. However he's just been lying listlessly in his bed since sunday (
oops I need specsavers for that second-to-last word....but then the sun is streaming in and across the screen.

Had a Labradoodle that loved watermelon (would go ballistic if it came out) but then she loved Kraft Macaroni Cheese as well (as did my young kids).

I used to give Alfie icecream. The Vet said any flavour other than chocolate is fine.

He might like a nice cold yogurt from the fridge too - again any flavour bar chocolate.
Bednob - I hope your pup is feeling better soon - it is awful when your pet is ill and they can't tell you what is wrong X
Colin loves an icecream - Jess prefers bananas
Colin loves yogurt and jess will take a little
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Bednobs sorry to hear about your poorly pup. Have the vets prescribed anything, difficult of course when they don't know what's wrong?
I've had J for a year now and I no longer get upset when he won't eat as his weight is fine. He will still go over a day without eating when it's just me and him. BUT ... when the guy from the flat opposite who takes him out running comes in, he sometimes feeds him and that's different. He actually lies on the floor with J, next to his food bowl and picks each little piece up (usually chicken or beef burger) and pops it in J's mouth. If the pieces aren't minute he won't eat them. The pair of them lie there for 15-20 minutes until the dish is empty. Spoilt or what! He is very sweet though. So is the dog;-)
ladybirder - colin is a lab and the fussiest I have ever known - I am now feeding him boiled pasta, veg and dog food with a thin gravy and he loves it!
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Wow, so ordinary ice cream is OK. Right I shan't be paying £2.50 for a tiny carton of Doggy ice cream anymore.
Bednobs do let us know how yours gets on, that's very worrying. Not getting better but not any worse either?
We took the grandchildren’s dog to a dog friendly cafe and he had pupsicle on a hot day. Another time he had a pup cake and a pupuccino.
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I would be very happy if mine would eat that RH but he doesn't like pasta or any of the multitude of dog foods I have tried. Perhaps if my neighbour spoon feeds him he might!
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We had one of those in Hove Milo, before I got J, but it's closed down now.
pleased to report Duggee seems back to his normal self today. But gave me a look when he realised there'd be no scrambled eggs for lunch because he's better!
Bednobs - good news. How old is he now?
just over 1
I would like another dog or cat but not having anyone to look after and be responsible for is fine for now.

You will have your hands full with your daughter and her pup.
We had a German Shepherd who, in hot weather, would like nothing better than to chomp on ice cubes in his water bowl.

Never had a dog that didn't like ice cream :)

Have tried showering them with a fine mist from the garden hose - none was keen on that. Swimming was good for them though, good job I love the smell of wet dogs!
Chicken stock lollies on a chew 'stick'. Because we couldn't bear the sound of a friends dog crunching ice cubes, had to be proper stock too much salt in stock cubes
Do not feed your dog regular ice cream it has too much sugar and lactose in it. Although it is not dangerous it certainly is not healthy and can cause digestive problems. just because some people do it does not mean its safe.

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Anyone Else Feed Their Dog Ice Cream In Hot Weather?

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