Horrible Experience With A Wild Deer.

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Tilly2 | 15:31 Fri 27th Aug 2021 | Pets
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Yesterday, on our walk through the fields along a public footpath, Dylan dashed off into the long grass and began chasing a little Chinese Water Deer. After what seemed like ages, but was probably two minutes, the deer fell and Dylan caught up with it.
He jumped around it and didn't actually touch or wound the deer but the deer was literally screaming with fright whilst lying there exhausted.
We got Dylan away and after about five minutes, the deer got up and ran into the scrubland.
What would we have done had the deer been mauled and injured?
It was a very distressing event which could have been a lot, lot worse. It was horrible enough.


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Of course dogs must be kept on leads when around farm animals but no one can predict when a wild animal will appear in an unoccupied field. We have deer in our garden at times! That must have been awful for you, Tilly.
17:53 Fri 27th Aug 2021
I don't know the answer to your question but this used to be something that I worried about with my dog. You feel so helpless and stupid.
Dogs should be kept on leads in the countryside.
AuntPG is right. You were out of order in letting your dog off the lead.
Found a big branch or a stone if it was badly injured.
Awww, gawd, the anti-dog squad have arrived.
Agreed - the deer could actually die from shock!
Typical irresponsible dog owner.
Question Author
Thanks for that helpline number, APG.

Tilly - // What would we have done had the deer been mauled and injured? //

Learned an unpleasant lesson and enrolled yourself and your dog in training classes so that it comes to you when when you call it when its off its lead.
Try taking on a whole herd next time !

Zacs don't be bloody ridiculous I am not anti-dog. . We have five dogs, one a 9 month old German shepherd, and the rest working sheep dogs ans spaniels. They never come off the lead in open countryside unless they are working. I have had to deal with sheep with their necks pulled out or their legs hanging off because someone wanted to let their dogs stretch their legs in open countryside. I've had to deal with folks walking along the side of our farm on a public footpath letting their dogs foul in our farm yard and chase our cats. Ive had to threaten to shoot someone's dog that was 'playing' in among ewes with newborn lambs.
Er - - - dear dear
My dog did that 1965 - half beagle, half corgi so looked like a sausage dog, and ran after an adult stag baying as the half hound of the dog, did.

The stag
trotting in a nuninterested fashion as the dog got emmeshed in the long grass which covereddit .
Please don't swear at me, it SO unbecoming in a woman of your standing.
My previous Border Collie could be walked off the lead and he'd obey any command I gave him. It really annoys me when people tar all dogs with a few bad examples.
/// It really annoys me when people tar all dogs with a few bad examples.///

... and it really annoys me when genuine animal lovers get tarred as "the anti-dog squad."

"Physician heal thyself" springs to mind.
Question Author
Can I just reassure everyone that I never let Dylan off the lead where there are any livestock in the vicinity.

Dylan's recall is good but obviously, in this instance, he lost it in the thrill of the chase.

I am just so relived that the poor fawn was not injured, traumatised probably, but not injured.

Zacs Ive heard all that drivel many times. Most 'normal' family pets will chase a wild animal.
I've heard that attitude many times and in my dog's 16.5 year life he never chased anything.

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Horrible Experience With A Wild Deer.

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