Ponds And Lightning

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interele | 19:28 Sat 19th Jun 2021 | Pets
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Is it possible for a pond to get hit by lightning and not trip the pump?
Alternatively can anyone offer any suggestions on what happened to our fish.
A couple of days ago the pond was clear and the fish were fine. Then the next day 3 out of the 10 were dead. They had no obvious injury but overnight the water went a cloudy, bluey-grey colour ( I tested the water and it it fine chemically even though it looked terrible ) The remaining fish were gasping at the surface even though the pump was still running and they continue to do so for several hours . The lily leaves which were fine and green look a bit charred ( which led to the lightning theory ) Within a day the water has cleared and the remaining fish have started to feed again and seem none the worse.




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I too am interested what could have happened here.
blue algae?
Could someone have tipped something in the water? Slug pellets?

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Ponds And Lightning

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