Does Your Dog Like The Snow?

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Tilly2 | 20:13 Sun 24th Jan 2021 | Pets
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Dylan went absolutely bonkers today. It was a delight to see him enjoying himself so much. He was trying to catch the snow as it was falling and he did so many 'Staffie runs' he wore himself out. A 'Staffie run' is when the back legs go faster than the front ones and all control is lost. :-)

It's a joy to see.
He's asleep now.


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Loves it but it's a divel when tiny snowballs stick to her curly fur legs :0(
snow is rare here but I remember when my oldest JR first saw snow he barked at it!
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Yes, Bobbie. We have had long haired German Shepherds in the past and those ice balls were a drippy pain when we got home. The dogs were confined to the kitchen until those snowballs had melted. Then, it was mopping up time.
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He must have done a lot of barking, T3. :-)
I stand Lola in a tepid bath till they come off then dry her
Lola barks at Snowmen like they're her nasty enemy :0))
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Snowmen do cause problems!
The grandchildren’s dog loves snow. He usually takes a ball to play with on his walks but won’t entertain one when it snows. He also tries to catch the snow as it’s falling. As you say, it’s a joy to see him enjoying himself so much.
Our dog adores snow - but ours is having to make do with skating on ice!

We had a cat many years ago, one morning after a heavy snowfall he ran out of the open door, took a leap and disappeared into the snow. After he got over the shock he loved snow.
The dogs we had when I was growing up all loved snow - so much fun.

Like some of these.

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Does Your Dog Like The Snow?

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