Why Has My Puppy Suddenly Started Weeing In The House? Anyone With A Similar Experience?

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BarbaraFarge | 22:42 Thu 26th Nov 2020 | Pets
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Today my puppy (male dachshund jack russell cross, 12 weeks old) has suddenly started frequently urinating in different places around the house after very rarely having an accident in the last couple of weeks. He was unwell with diarrhea at the weekend and the vet diagnosed him with giardia. Since yesterday he is on medication for that, which has already made a massive difference to the diarrhea.

Whilst he is being treated for the giardia we are only taking him out to the patio on his lead to make sure we can keep a close eye on him so he doesn't get at anything he shouldn't. He's new to the lead and doesn't really like it (although I am seeing some gradual improvement)

So my question is - might the weeing be a grumpy protest to only being allowed out on the lead? A reaction to his medication? Or maybe something like a UTI?

Obviously I'll call the vet tomorrow and see what they say, but wondered if anyone has had anything similar happen?


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How often re you taking him out onto the patio? It could be a UTI and it could be a side effect of his medication. You need to wait and see what the vet says imo. I hope he's OK. UTI's are awful.
pups don't do grumpy protests. Does he wee ok when you take him out on the lead? how often do you take him out?
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When we first got him we were taking him out every 1-2hrs to see if he needed to go and show him where etc, and surprisingly quickly he seemed to understand the idea, especially going out for poos, no accidents on that front at all really. After that he would usually go over to the door every couple of hours or so, longer when he was asleep, and give a little whimper and we’d take him out to do what he needed to do. He seemed quite regular so it’s really out of character the way he’s been this evening, which makes me suspect a UTI, he doesn’t seem to be in pain as far as I can tell, more just like he’s got no control over it any more. Hopefully nothing serious, the poor little guy but I will speak to the vet tomorrow and see what they recommend
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And yes, he’s still weeing okay on the lead. The first few times I think it was distracting him a bit, chewing the lead a bit, being a bit fidgety so he took longer to focus on what he was doing, but after a few trips the lead doesn’t seem to bother him as much, but he’s definitely not a fan (as I’m sure is the case for most puppies!)

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Why Has My Puppy Suddenly Started Weeing In The House? Anyone With A Similar Experience?

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