How Much Does A Cat Cremation Cost?

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Impret-Sir | 11:17 Sat 12th Oct 2019 | Pets
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Had to have my beloved friend Jake the cat put to sleep yesterday, he had cancer in his nose, (dont let white cats lie in the sun folks!), and it was slowly eating away the bones in his face, sadly, it had all become just too much for him to bear, and the vet could not help him anymore.
They were very kind and didnt bother me with paying the bill afterwards, (I was too upset), I promised to go in on Monday to pay up, now I am wondering how much it is likely to cost. He is having an individual cremation, ie, just him, so I can have his ashes back, and I realise that costs more, so has anyone recently been through his horrible experience?


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A few years ago now (about 4) but my vet charged £95. They ashes came in a bag inside a box, inside another pretty box that you could keep or bury. It also came with a condolence card and they didn't send me an invoice for over a month.

Sorry about your cat x
So sorry for your loss :(

We had our dog cremated in 2008 - I'm looking at him on our fireplace as I type this :)

He came back in a small ornate wooden box approx 8" wide and 3-4" deep and high, with an engraved plaque with wording of my choice.

If I remember correctly, it cost approx £100.
Probably depends where you live. I had my cat individually cremated 4 years ago and it cost £200.
Why not just dig a hole in your garden and put your cat to rest in that? I have a couple of dogs in mine.

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How Much Does A Cat Cremation Cost?

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