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keyplus90 | 09:30 Tue 01st Oct 2019 | Pets
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Hi, I am thinking about buying a cat tracker for my cat. I need any advice from the people here who have used any.

Majority of the trackers in the market are GPS. However I did read that for GPS you need strong signals otherwise it does not work. There is another one TABCAT. That works differently. Has anyone used any of these, any recommendations, please.


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I am not sure if you want to find out where your cat is spending his/her days or to help you for you to locate him/her if he/she gets lost. But I have found a list of trackers from Pete the Vet's website.
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Thanks Wolf. I don't want to see what he does but its just to locate him if he does not come back.
keyplus - the main problem is that some cats don't like wearing collars and will manage to lose them.

Is he a young cat? Older cats don't seem so bothered about wandering far away. It's the uncastrated Toms that wander for miles and miles looking for lady cats.

Good luck

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No, our story is a bit different. We got this male cat we do not know how old he is. However I am sure he is relatively older. I believe it was a wild cat and started hanging around in our back garden back in 2013, my daughter gave some food and cut long story short now he is our pet cat. However he still has wild bit about him. Recently he was not feeling well and just disappeared. He has done that before but this time he really seemed bad. My wife and I both thought that because it was a wild cat so its going to do what wild animals do. It's going to go, lie somewhere in isolation and sleep forever. That feeling was not good, trust me. However he is back and is looking better. But just for that reason I would like something so we know.
Can one get one for one's partner when they've disappeared in the supermarket again ? I know looking is the only exercise I get these days, but, well, really.
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OG, that is the reason I don't often go with my other half. lol.
keyplus - my Frankie is an indoor cat because we live in the city centre. But you are so right to worry, they seem to think that they are invincible and there are so many dangers out there (and horrible people who take great delight in harming them).

I hope that this gives you and your family peace of mind.

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Yes, Wolfie. there are sick people out there and too be honest I never thought that disappearance of a cat will give me palpitations. Anyway in the end I decided to go for TABCAT trackers, due to the reviews. Let's hope now we will now.................

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