Mps To Examine Dangerous Dogs Act

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anthro-nerd | 10:47 Fri 11th May 2018 | Pets
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So pleased about this! Too many account of 'this has happened to me' when it comes to dog on dog attacks. It's the owners, not the breed, and more should be done to stand up for innocent dogs that get attacked at the result of bad dog ownership.


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It would appear they're more concerned with Dog on People attacks, no mention of Dog on Dog.
I do agree with what anthro says though.
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They'll always be more concerned with dog on people, instead of dog on dog, and maybe that's right. But an attack is an attack in my eyes and should be treated the same.
I wrote to the Government about dog on dog attacks which are very common, sadly and asked why this can't be an offence under the law, but didn't get very far, they just quoted what actually happens under the Dangerous Dogs Act. It would also help if, when an irresponsible owner is in Court over his/her dangerous dog(s), the full weight of the law is visited on them, but it very rarely is due to a defence lawyer who spouts all kinds of tripe to get them off !!!

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Mps To Examine Dangerous Dogs Act

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