Dogs And Mince Pies.

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Tilly2 | 22:34 Sat 19th Dec 2015 | Pets
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My niece rang today in a panic as her dog had eaten a whole pack of half a dozen mince pies. Lots of follow up texts throughout the day.......

am. Dog to vets, emetic administered, dog vomits copiously.
Dog goes home with charcoal.

pm. Dog vomiting and panting again.
Dog back in vets, on saline drip. Dog staying overnight.
Now resting.

Please be careful. Hide away the chocolates and mince pies. They can be fatal.


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I know chocolate is bad for dogs but mince pies?
Currants, sultanas, prunes all cause kidney failure in dogs.
I didn't know that either, Tilly
A relevant link:

However my guess is that Tilly's niece's dog would have been perfectly alright anyway. My friend's dogs have eaten all sorts of strange stuff in her house over the years (including several mobile phones!) and have never come to any harm through it.
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Good link that, Baldric. Thank you.
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Chris, the dog was not perfectly alright. The dog was, and still is, poorly.
I knew about chocolate, hope all is ok xx
and anything red too, as to berries or toms....they are poisonous (inc choc) but less so, to cats.....
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Thanks, Sibs. I hope so, too, for her sake. She's very upset.
However they can eat carrots and divers other root vegetables, whether protuberant or not.
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They can indeed, Shoota. Tilly loves gnawing on a frozen carrot.
Chocolate and grapes can be fatal to dogs but it's the quantity eaten and the size of the dog of course. Do hope the dog's OK.
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Thank you, Veebird. So do I.
Tilly, take heart, chocolate and berries are a bit like arsenic - it's a build up in the kidneys, not instant poison.....
Hope dog will be fine x
Our dog loves a bit of raw carrot, I do have to watch her though in the summer. She nicks tomatoes off my plants given half a chance. Always the lovely ripe ones.
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Thanks, DTC. x

Hopefully, all will be well.
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Togo, I had two dogs that used to steal my outdoor tomatoes. They didn't seem to have any problems with that. Cheeky pair. They took it in turns.
It's a continual battle here with the mater, who just doesn't comprehend the linkage, apart from overfeeding the fat mutt.

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Dogs And Mince Pies.

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