Dogs And Mince Pies.

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Tilly2 | 22:34 Sat 19th Dec 2015 | Pets
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My niece rang today in a panic as her dog had eaten a whole pack of half a dozen mince pies. Lots of follow up texts throughout the day.......

am. Dog to vets, emetic administered, dog vomits copiously.
Dog goes home with charcoal.

pm. Dog vomiting and panting again.
Dog back in vets, on saline drip. Dog staying overnight.
Now resting.

Please be careful. Hide away the chocolates and mince pies. They can be fatal.


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Glad to hear the wee chap pulled through!
I was watching a tv program tonight about Dogs and onions are another no no.
even onion gravy, which could be easily overlooked, can be harmful too.
the onion thing is because it shortens the life of their red blood cells causing anaemia. A little onion in something like gravy or stew on odd occasions is unlikely to cause a problem in a normal healthy dog and they are unlikely to get hold of or eat enough fresh raw onion to cause a problem either. the issue with onion is when things like dried onion or onion rings or the crispy fried stuff you buy to sprinkle on salad are left where the dog can get at them and scoff a lot of onion at once. Its the same with garlic, small amounts infrequently no problem, a binge can be dangerous. The smaller the dog, the smaller the amount that can cause problems and puppies, old or frail dogs will have more problems with the ensuing anaemia so they are at greater risk.
Excellent news.

Glad to hear it's recovered, good news.

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Dogs And Mince Pies.

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