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jennyjoan | 19:54 Fri 20th Nov 2015 | Pets
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Got Maxie's eyes fur cut from off his eyes about two weeks ago but the rest of his fur thank god is growing and growing and he is looking so good compared to when I got him - he was pink and white more pink/scaldy

However I gently brushed him tonight and loads of fur came off of him but squeaked when I was touching his legs. I know when out walking he is in a lot of water - is there a solution I could buy to make it easier for me to brush his legs and his tail.

He is certainly turning into a beautiful dog.


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^^^^^ by the way - out in the park yesterday and went to another area of exit and he just sat down and let me put the lead on and I went HAPPY DAYS.
If he does not like you brushing his legs distract him whilst you do it - perhaps with a kong or a treat.
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thanks buenchico - will get that next time I am out.
It does say it's an 'online exclusive', Jenny, but most pet shops should have something similar.

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