Bloody/ Sore Nose On Cat, Advice Needed...

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dalebillster | 03:03 Mon 24th Feb 2014 | Pets
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Hello again after so long AB'ers,
I have taken in a few cats over the years and last September i took in a stray cat from a friends housing estate. A lady moved house leaving the cat behind, and after about 12 months or so of him sleeping under cars and in bushes i decided i could try and give him a loving forever home. We named him Ron and he's such an affectionate cat, don't know why anyone could do this to an animal. After a trip to the vets to have him tested for feline aids, and a general check up it was decided he was in reasonably good health (he tested negative for feline aids, FIV). Vets think he is aged around 5 years old. Since we have taken him in he has always had a sore scabby nose, regularly bleeding and weeping blood, even at the slightest bump, when hes eating and cleaning. we have tried feeding him only on biscuits to try and avoid him sticking his nose in the wet food, but we cant stop him from licking it. I understand cat's noses are incredibly sensitive so this must be causing the poor fella some distress.
Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing it and how to clear it up once and for all?


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Does Ron have a pink nose ....if so, there may be a small growth there, though I'm surprised the vet didn't pick up on it when you had him checked out.

I'd certainly query it when he has his next checkup but good on you for taking him in and caring for him, he must think he's in heaven
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Hi Seekeers, his nose is still pink in colour, but a very visible sore patch covering about 50% of it. I remember when i took him to the vets when i first took him in, the vets said this is a common indicator that he has cat aids (FIV), but he tested negative for this. Im suprised myself the vets didnt look into it at the time. I suppose we were hoping it was battle wounds that would clear up, but clearly not. Im unsure what we could do as it seems pointless putting some sort of cream on it as its only natural for cats to lick their nose...
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I agree about the ointment, dale, it will last all of no time, I'd be surprised if it was a growth, the sun doesn't have the same strength as we have it, I don't think, but you can correct me on that.

It may well b connected to feline aids, although he tested clear, I can understand about the battle scars but I think by now they should have's a tricky one but does the patch seem to be growing in size ?
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Hi Methyl, im just concerned about causing more problems by putting a cream on if they lick it off and ingest it. And Seekeerz, the patch has always been pretty much the same size. I have 11 (yes 11) other cats in the household and have had many minor problems in the past so im no stranger to irritations and whatever else but by no means am i a vet either, this one seems to have stumped me how i go about fixing it. Such a lovely cat aswel...
One of the strays my sister has adopted has feline HIV, and as its not transferable to humans she's not too fazed about it, plus she has other cats and isn't too fussed about them either.

My husband is of the opinion that it may be a growth, as it bleeds easily then scabs over then breaks again, this does sound very like cancer from the sunlight, sorry but that will be a trip to the vet.
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End of the cat then possibly? Or is this something they could treat you think? We had one of our cats put to sleep november last year with heart failure and it'd break mine and the missus heart to have to lose another one.
Not immediately I wouldn't like to say really as I haven't seen Ron, ...if its not growing rapidly, then there may be something to slow it down.

I knew one dear old puss who lasted quite a while with the same prob, trying to keep zinc cream on her nose was a battle and she would lie out in the sun.

It's always gut wrenching when they have to leave you, I know... They leave such a dirty big hole.

Please keep us posted with what happens though, cheers skz
Hi Dale,
Firstly I sincerely congratulate you on your efforts with all 11 (wow!) rescue cats that you care for :-)
Like the others I would recommend taking the little guy to the vet for a check up and advice, It may be a vitamin deficiency or nasal mites or an autoimmune issue (non-related to feline HIV) such as lupus or as simple as an allergy to the type of bowl you feed him with... It's very difficult to tell until you go the the vets for full advice.
Good Luck and all the best.

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HI all again, if spoken to my partner this morning and we will definitely be booking Ron into the vets in the next couple days. I'm just shocked iv left it so long thinking it would just clear up on its own. Fingers crossed we can get the big man sorted, il post an update when I know more & thankyou for your help
dale - cats are devious brutes. Even if his nose was really sore he would try to hide the problem so that he doesn't seem like a wimp to the other cats.

My little boy has a pink nose that often has scabs and wounds on it - but his lovely sister is the cause of these injuries.

Good luck with Ron. :-)

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Bloody/ Sore Nose On Cat, Advice Needed...

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