Rover Isn't Here.....

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boxtops | 10:10 Thu 30th Jan 2014 | Pets
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He was here last night, sleeping on my lap before we went to bed. There is no sign of him this morning - he's always first in the queue for breakfast, and he needs his medication. I am beside myself with concern for him. He's never not here in the mornings......


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Has he been outside overnight then, boxy?
Oh Boxy. He's probably got doing something interesting and forgot about the time. Either that or he has got locked in somewhere. Fingers crossed that the old fella will be back soon (with absolutely no apology for the worry he has caused).
Oh gawd Boxy, hope he comes piling in the door in a minute demanding his food. A cat would worry the bejeezus out of me :(

Is he the kitty that went for a very long holiday a while ago?
Fingers crossed he turns up very soon, boxy've have thought he'd have learnt his lesson after last time xx
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Thanks guys.... he can come and go as he pleases, tilly - as can they all. We went to bed about 00.45 and he was asleep on the sofa.

I've looked in next door's shed and the garage at the back with a broken door, and I asked the dustmen this morning if they'd seen him (or worse, found him) on their local round today. I've rung the local vet (not ours) just in case...

Yes rocky - same mog, but before, he got out of his basket on the way back from the vet's, he's never gone missing from home before :-(

If he's not back by lunchtime, I'll be knocking doors.
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Thanks, seekz....
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I don't believe this, I've been frantic for the last three hours - he's just walked blearily out of our back bedroom (which is the junk room) - he must have found a nest in there, and overslept... Little toad! :-) :-)
Thank goodness. So glad he's OK xx
Phew, thank God for that x
Good news. Panic over!
I just read through this with my heart thumping. So glad the little moggy is back. x
Little wretch !! Boy they know how to wind us up, don't they xx
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Steff, I've told him that even people in Oz were looking for him this morning.... :-)

He's gone back to sleep now!
I'm so pleased Boxy. I should have thought to say that - exactly the same thing happened with my little girl about 2 weeks ago. She wasnt here for breakfast so I went out for a look, just as I came in thru the front door she came stretching and yawning down the stairs the little sod. I think she had been under the spare bed.

He only did it to make it clear you know your place!
I think that they are much smarter than they look - except my Princess Merlin who is even more stupid that I could ever imagine.
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It's a front, wolfy... all part of the Feline Master Plan.....
rover again.......................wee devil :)
For years there has been a black and white cat up the road from me in our cul de sac, sitting on the garden wall, laying in the flower beds, sauntering across the road in front of my van without a care in the world. For the past week or so he has not been around, and I was beginning to wonder where he was as it was so unusual not to see him when I went out. Today I noticed a small tabby kitten sitting in their window.......
^^^^ lol!
I would love to get another cat or cats but at the moment not possible. I'm pleased Rover is home Boxy.

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Rover Isn't Here.....

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