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jasmin26 | 21:19 Mon 30th Dec 2013 | Pets
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can anyone tell me anything about this condition ? Reeva suddenly starting limping today, she is restless and crying when she is moving. She is holding up her front right leg. She hasn't done anything to hurt it as far as I know. I have checked her pads etc and they seem fine.

My partner spoke to the breeder earlier and she reckons it could be Panosteitis as it is common in GSD's of Reeva's age.

Thanks in advance


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The Breeder if reputable should know - strange! How old is your dog?
Simply put -it's a painful bone disease in *young dogs*.
Get to a Vet soon.
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She is 8 months old . Got vets appt in the morning.
Sorry to hear this, hope its just growing pains that some larger breeds get at around this age. Try contacting on of the ladies involved with the GSD Owners Information Group, they have information on many different health issues and will talk to you about them and give advice.
Also a good article on the Videx website:
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Thank you so much for the link to both site, very useful. The vet thinks it is growing pains and Reeva is about to have a growth spurt .We have to keep a close eye on her and restrict her exercise for a while. Just out of interest , how long do you think she should be getting exercised each day ? She has just gone 8 months. TIA.
I don't have much experience with GSD's, Great Danes are my thing. The rule of thumb with them is 5 mins per month of age on lead exercise plus as much free play as they want.

Pano can be a nasty illness but they do generally grow out of it, does her lameness change from leg to leg at all?

Lisa x
I agree with Lisa, up to a year old I would not do any serious lead walking, just a couple of short walks a day plus free playing when you can. The five minutes per month of age should be split up so for an eight month old no more than a couple of twenty minute 'strolls'. Lots do get growing pains and provided you don't overdo it they get over it with no lasting damage. Make sure there is a reasonable amount of calcium in her diet too to help the bones grow.

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