Can I Give A Little Rawhide Chew To My 11Week Old Cocker

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impact5 | 09:14 Mon 30th Dec 2013 | Pets
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she's just got one of our choc lab and it keep her amusec for 10 mins


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yes, but dont leave her alone with it in case of it getting stuck in her mouth or she swallows it and starts choking and watch the other end that it comes out digested or at least in small pieces and not whole. try one, watch carefully see how it goes make sure it passes through ok, then you can give the occasional one.
I wouldn't give one of those to such a young dog. She could easily choke on it. I stopped giving them to my dog some years back when he choked quite badly on one and he was an adult. Never trusted them again.
Mine always have them but as woof says don't leave them unattended. Also take them away when they have chewed them so the ends come off.
And as I said impact, better not to give them at all or else risk a severe choking !
But dogs, especially teething pups have to chew something. Dogs inhale dry dog food, choke on water, can have all kinds of accidents. I can understand your concern but I think maybe overkill to stop giving chews all together?

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Can I Give A Little Rawhide Chew To My 11Week Old Cocker

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