Cat Wagging Tail

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interele | 00:20 Fri 27th Dec 2013 | Pets
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I always thought ( and many years of having cats confirmed ) that a cat wagging it's tail is angry. We have just rescued a cat that was a pet
cat that was abandoned and has spent some time as a stray. He is a lovely
cat and is really friendly but he wags his tail all the time, even when he is
purring. Our current thoughts is that he is happy but unsure of things

Is this a good theory ?




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According to Desmond Morris, it's uncertainty rather than anger.
00:22 Fri 27th Dec 2013
According to Desmond Morris, it's uncertainty rather than anger.
i didn't know cats wagged their tails ! ( but im not a cat person )
When one of my cats was attacked by 3 dogs he purred and wagged his tail. The vet put him to sleep but when I asked about the purring he said he was trying to comfort himself, as to the tail wagging he said he was still trying to fend the aggressors off.
I think there's a difference between gently wafting the tail back and forward or switching it furiously...

Ziggi waves his around in a conversational way most of the time but has yet to swat it around in anger. I can understand that your newcomer is still feeling his way so uncertainty would be very likely.
Oh God Jeza that's so sad, poor little thing.
My cats wags his tail in his sleep.

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Cat Wagging Tail

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