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furrypusscat | 19:49 Mon 09th Sep 2013 | Pets
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Started new thread as I suddenly thought no-one would realise there was another update although I have also posted on last posting.

7am this morning, Puss suffered an aortic blood clot (saddle thrombus)which caused his remaining back leg to paralyze. He was crying out in pain. I rang the out of hours vet and immediately drove to the vets surgery. She confirmed my fear and she gave Puss a strong painkilling injection with the drug heparin to follow. At 12.30 lunch time the vet rang to say Puss's condition had deteriorated and was on oxygen therapy. She said his prognosis was poor. We, hubby and I, decided the best thing for Puss was to have him put to sleep which is what we agreed. Both hubby and I are distraught. Puss had got over the hurdles of the past few months and was doing really well, even chased a butterfly this morning. I am finding this difficult to post but I thought you would all like to know. Thank you all for your previous posts and good wishes & purrs. xx.


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good evening furrypusscat

i am ashamed to say i have missed your previous posts regarding your poor cat,

(continue) , however i can make up for it now by offering my deepest sympathies - but you have made the right decision both for yourselves, and to end his suffering

just remember all the good times

god bless
Oh dear ..I'm so sorry to hear your sad news...but you did what was best ! Xx
Question Author
Thank you excelsior, your thoughts are much appreciated. We certainly have lots of good memories and, yes it was the only decision to make.
I'm not a cat fan,furrypussycat but I am truly sorry that you have lost your dear pet.
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Thank you murraymints. We hope we have always done our best for him but especially the last few months.
So sorry, this has brought a tear to my eye, poor Puss but I'm sure you gave him a wonderful life. I know it's heartbreaking but the pain will ease and leave you fond memories.
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Thank you Tilly2 and Prudie for your kind words.
So sad to hear your news.
Know exactly how you feel, have been there three times before. It is heart breaking to lose a pet, but time is a healer
Sad news, it's so hard losing a loved pet like that. You know you made the best decision you could to end his pain and I'm sure he knew he was loved. RIP Puss xx
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It is heartbreaking x-ray, sorry about your losses. This is our third cat and I think will be the last, I don't want to go through this again. I don't think we would ever get another like him. He has been a brilliant pet.
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Thank you bensmum. If he had come out of this okay he would have more than likely had another much worse one within 6 months so yes it was the right decision.
We said that about 3 years ago, but eventually had to get another (my avatar is her) I know just how you feel but hopefully in a few weeks time you will feel a little better
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We also said after No 2 died, we wouldn't have another but then got this last one and I am really pleased we did. As you say, hopefully will feel better eventually but at the moment I don't think there will be a No 4.
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Meant to say x-ray that she looks lovely.
So sorry furrypus :(
A true cat lover knows when it's time.
Puss is now playing over Rainbow Bridge. Play well Puss.
It's always horrible to lose a pet. We as a family said we would never have anymore dogs after each one died but we have had that many since I don't think we will ever stop having them. I've had to burry 4 this year alone. Memories are great though :)
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Thank you rockyracoon, ferlew and dizmouk. I hope he is playing over Rainbow Bridge. Sorry to hear of your losses dizmouk. I know all these messages and thoughts will help, knowing that others have gone through what we are going through now. Thank you to you all.
So sorry to hear about Puss, Furry. Its heartbreaking and all pet owners put themselves through it by owning a pet time and time again. I've lost a few cats over the years and sadly lost Tigger last December. Took me a while to come to terms with it but you just do and time is a healer xxx

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