Administering Liquid Painkiller To Cat, How?

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daffy654 | 17:46 Mon 20th May 2013 | Pets
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One of my cats is just back from the vet after she was hit by a car yesterday, they have given me a liquid painkiller to give to her once a day. Any idea how to administer it without further injuring my cat (or me)?


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would she eat yoghurt/fromage frais or something similar if you put it in that?

If you have a syringe you could squirt it into the back of her mouth otherwise if she is eating (doubtful) mix it in with her food or a bit of cream. The Vet should have told you how to administer it really and given you a small syringe.
is it metoxicam ? costs an arm and a leg.
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It is metoxicam (Loxicom) and it comes with a syringe. So I should just squirt it into her mouth? She is eating but as she shares a food bowl with her sister I didn't want to really put it in the food.
I may get my oh to try and swaddle the cat later then whilst I medicate the poor moggy :-/
When our cat had to have liquid medication we used an eye-dropper. Pull the top lip up and insert the dropper towards the back of the mouth so that the medicine goes down the cat's throat. We also had to wrap our cat in a towel to stop it scratching us . Good luck.Hope your cat is soon better.
I do hope your cat recovers Daffy, what an awful shock for you.


i do not have the knowledge or expertise to answer your question, but i just want to extend my warmest wishes for a complete recovery for your beloved moggy
Just seen that you already have a syringe so just use this instead of a dropper.
Yes when she is not expecting it, ie asleep, get organised with dosage, hold behind back, hold gob open and drip down the back of throat, I have had to do this this week, but after that then give eye ointment, she got to know there was something coming next, good luck, your hands and arms may suffer, x
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Thanks for the good wishes folks :)

We are very lucky Pepper wasn't badly injured or worse! She is bruised and sore with damage to her tail but other than that seems almost back to normal. The car must have just struck her a glancing blow.
I've had to use metacam for my cat recently and squirted it onto his food. Could you use separate bowls for their food, just until the medication runs out? Probably easier than it sounds, but they could be fed in a different room for the duration of the meds?
Ps inflamatrys must be taken after or with food, if you are administrting in to mouth please make sure she or he has eaten within 45 mins, same things applies to animals and us humans, you ars giving your cat the equivelant of ibroprufen, so please make sure she or he has food, I normally give mine tuna straight after as a make up, x
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It does say on the label it must be taken with food so I will make sure she has eaten shortly before I administer the meds.
It would be almost impossible to feed the cats separately Sir Alec as we live in a 2 up 2 down terraced house, so the cats can't be kept apart without locking one of them in a bedroom, they are distressed enough after being apart for 24 hours so I don't want to upset either of them further. I had thought about it though :)
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I just managed to get the medicine into Pepper with the syringe with no problems at all :)
My cat has just been prescribed loxicam. She had it by mixing in with her food. He is so awkward with food that I didn't know if he would detect it but ate as normal. The syringe is used to measure the prescribed dose but can also be given by squirting liquid directly into the mouth.
I am medicating Harvey the dog and I squirt it into his food and it was great. Separate the dishes for the two cats.

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Administering Liquid Painkiller To Cat, How?

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