why dos my cat howl ...

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buzzyb | 11:23 Thu 01st Nov 2012 | Pets
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My seven year old, spayed female cat has a fascination with the loft in my house.

When the hatch is open she will do her best to get into the loft then howls - very loud. The noise is similar to a cat being on heat. She does not appear scared she just sits and howls.

After I have finished in the loft she will sit on the landing looking up.

I have had the loft checked for rodents etc and am pleased to say that is not the problem.

I have another cat and he shows no interest in the loft whatsoever.

I am thinking of having the loft converted but don't think that will be possible because of my cat.

Can anyone offer a suggestion as to why my cat behaves like this?


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I've only had one female cat. She was beautiful and like a guard dog. She got spayed quite young and seemed to take it in a stride. Brian didn't seem bothered about having his gonads chopped.
thats why most male cats are stupid - their brains are in their nuts

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why dos my cat howl ...

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