Stolen Wolfhound, please share info around.

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Carakeel | 21:49 Fri 08th Jun 2012 | Pets
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Can all out friends on AB please share this information on any UK forums you are on. A young Irish Wolfhound bitch was stolen from a secure garden in Scotter Gainsgorough Lincolnshire, DN21 area, (East Anglia) on Friday, 8th June 2012. If we get this on to as many forums as possible, will it may help to find her, especially as she may have been taken out of the area. Sadly she is not microchipped. Anyone with any information can contact the local police in that area, who are aware of the situation. Many thanks everyone! Media URL:


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Sorry, it seems the link didn't work, so here it is again:
waking this one up, to get high profile this morning
I posted it onto my FB page too. I live far away but some of my FB friends are in Southern England.

I hope that she is found soon - especially if she is timid and has no road sense.

Am posting on FB. Hope the poor girl is found soon.
Looking on the bright side - she isn't going to be hidden in some guys rucksack so that he can sell her in the pub.

Stealing dogs is a nasty crime - dogs (and fleabag cats) are important parts of our families and losing one like this must be horrendous.
Well said, wolf! x
I do hope she is found soon and back where she belongs.
A young Irish Wolfhound bitch was stolen from a secure garden in Scotter Gainsgorough Lincolnshire

If it was a secure garden then it wouldn't have been stolen would it. We all know there are some right barstewards about so why don't people make sure their animals are safe and secure. Poor poor thing. Not microchipped either. I hope she's found soon and the owners learn from it.
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Thank you all for spreading the word. She is still missing, it seems! Can't understand people not microchipping their dogs! Really hope she is soon found!
Whilst I agree that all dogs should be chipped it is not the law. And I do believe that the use of the words 'secure garden' is a statement of fact that she has been stolen as she could not have escaped!

Hope this girl is home sad.

Lisa x

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Stolen Wolfhound, please share info around.

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