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Hopkirk | 11:41 Thu 08th Mar 2012 | Pets
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We have to worm our cat with the back of the neck treatment.

Dropping tablets down his throat is not an option with him. We could do it with our previous cat, but even the vet gave up with lacerated wrists.

Is there anywhere else I can buy this treatment, as the vets charge silly money?


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Have you tried wrapping the cat tightly in a towel and then getting someone else to insert the tablet in it's mouth and rub its throat to make it swallow? Most of my cats had to be treated this way. I had one cat who used to just eat the things when you put them in front of her. lol
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He got wise to what we were doing, and learnt to rapidly turn his head to the side to stop the tablet going down. As I mentioned lacerated wrists ensued and even the vet gave up.

The treatment put on the back of the neck, similar to flea treatment, is the answer. I just want to get it a bit cheaper.
My Mrs breaks them up into small pieces and mixes them into his food, and he eats them with his food with no probs.
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You haven't met our cat.

A very fussy eater, he doesn't fall for that sort of nonsense.
Our cat is a fussy eater to, so my Mrs starves him for a while and then he his glad to eat his food ( with the smal pieces of worming tablet ).
Ask your vet if they could give the cat a worming injection, (which ours get), with Stronghold, (which has certain worming properties), applied to the back of neck. Seems to do trick - no fleas here please ;-)
Hopkirk - I empathise. I have two siblings. Frankie is asthmatic and takes his inhaler with no problem (I am going to regret saying that) and trips to the vet are serene affairs.

His sister Princess Merlin (aka Slasher) was a the vet the other day. The vet said that she didn't think that the elevator was going to the top floor or maybe Merlin was a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic. Merlin wasn't amused.

We then went onto clipping her claws - at one stage there were four of us and Merlin was wearing a muzzle (on a cat!) but we gave up when the growls and hissing got really bad. She didn't actually injure any of us - we were too scared to go near her.

So - I understand. Some cats are not domestic animals. :-)

But she is beautiful and I love her.
Tinkerbellapixiepaws was the same...the vet said she'd never heard so much 'catswearing' from an old lady before she was a right old fireball
Depends on which treatment - Vetmedic Pharmacy or Hyperdrug are both online chemists but some treatments re prescription only and you would need to get one from your vet. If its one of the over the counter ones you can order them straight away.

They will be busy this week as they will have a stand at Crufts.

Think they don't charge for deliver on wormers.
You can get worming drops (I think they're made by Bob Martin) from pet shops. We've used them on our moggie and he seems to be worm-free as far as we can tell.
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Thanks all for your comments and suggestions. i will investigate the options.
This company is good-and they don't charge for postage when you order direct from them.

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