Does anyone have cats who eat flowers?

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vetuste_ennemi | 16:42 Wed 22nd Feb 2012 | Pets
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I bought my wife some flowers for Valentine's Day - red and white roses and phlox. We put the vase on the hearth and all the cats became obsessed with them. One of them has eaten the tops off two of the phlox and pulled the petals of others.


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gypsophila is very popular as are jasmine plants
Ours always nibbled on flowers and I bought some catmint to grow in the garden but he ate it before it had chance to grow. He also ate grass, Im told they did that to get rid of furballs
Maybe, there's some scent in the flowers which the cats like, not unusual for them to che strange things - our try to chew plastic ones. No accounting for taste I suppose. ;-)
I don't have him now (sadly) but my cat used to love flowers, and stilton, and pork chops, and steak. He was a Russian Blue, very mischievous with a penchant for going through the shopping bags very quickly whilst I brought the next lot in from the car!
I used to grow catnip under an upturned hanging basket the cats could only get the bits that grew through
My wife eats flowers( honestly), makes the cats very jealous.
My cat ate the stalks off a pineapple last week :-(
Coo!, That'll be a biii-iiig cat BOO! Would scare my lot, probably scare me too :-)
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Oh dear, Lankeela, that's half my garden up then!
My first GSD had a thing about daffodils, he didn't eat them he would nip the flower head off about an inch below the head and leave them lying all over the place. If the daffs were out we had to keep him on the lead and much as my mum loved him he was banned from her garden as soon as the first daff showed.
when i was younger, we did have a big black tom (called lucifer) who, if we didn't give titbits to when we visited the fridge, would either pull my mother's plants to bits (on the kitchen windowsills) or quite blatantly sit there a knock a vase or two over. he was very well named! he also shredded any tissues, toilet or kitchen roll he could get his paws on - right down to the tube or box. it always seemed to be spread quite evenly around the floor of the room in question. he was lovely and affectionate - but could also be a right little sh!t when he wanted to be! x
Sounds just like my Dexter.
My mother's cat loves Victoria Sponge B00 to it every time.
I had a gross moment with my cat last month, she got up to get off my lap, and I was faced with her bottom and a long while 'thing' haning out of it. I almost gagged and was steeling myself to deal with a dreaded tapeworm. After a deep breath and with my husband standing by to hold her, I got a closer look, only to realise it was a bit of tinsel from the Christmas tree!

She is 12 years old and for some odd reason, eats the stringy tinsel off of the tree! It used to get so bad, I had to have it all hung out of her reach. I honestly thought she had stopped doing it, but I take it as a reminder that next year, it'll all be a little bit higher up.

They can be peculiar animals at times. She won't touch tinned tuna!
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please don't bring lillies into the house then,as the powdery interior of the flower head is completely deadly for cats :-(
Luna, I had a similar incident with one of mine a few months ago, only it was more of a lump than a long thing. Turned out to be a bit of cat litter. The wee soul must've got tired and had a seat ;)
Mine goes muggy for green beans.
Similar to of my cats had a thing for daffodils, I kept on finding them inside of my kitchen door when it was left ajar for her. I asked my daughter had she had any in her bedroom, no. I didnt grow them, so was puzzled until I saw Tess (the cat) jumping over next doors fence with a daffodil in her mouth, she duly came in and dropped it on the floor and went off again. Bless, a nicer 'present' than a bird or mouse!!

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Does anyone have cats who eat flowers?

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