Premium dry dog food in France?

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madmaggot | 13:45 Sun 24th Apr 2011 | Pets
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Does anyone know the name of a premium dry dog food that retails in French supermarkets please?
At the moment my dog is on Harringtons food and, rather than carry loads with us on holiday, I would like to buy this or a close equivalent whilst we are there.
Not being a fluent french speaker poses the problem of not being able to interrogate the labels!
Any suggestions or even perhaps the french phrases to look for, would be most welcome. Thanks.


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The German Vitakraft premium products are stocked by Carrefour.

A bit of web-searching suggests that American NutraLife dog foods can also be found, as can Nestlé's Purina/Friskies brands.

PS: You can access nutritional details of the Friskies brands from here:
If you cant buy the same food, I would take it with you, as you run the risk of your dog having a tummy upset if you suddenly change his diet. Some dogs are a bit dodgy with a change of water, let alone change of food.
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Yes I know Jules, that's why I would prefer to buy Harrington's if possible.
My dog is a bit peculiar and I always get the one with no wheat, etc or she gets dodgy poos.
Trouble is, we're going for an extended stay this year so there is the weight problem with trying to take loads of food.
I've decided to call Harringtons on Tuesday to ask the question.
Thanks everyone for your responses.
If you're seeking wheat-free dog food in France, simply seek out Pronature.

In French:
and English:
i brought my 4 Old English Sheepdogs to France, being happy with the food they were eating i ordered direct from the manufacturer ok i had to buy a full pallet 65 bags but the food has a good use by date and i get through 1 bag a week plus its half the price of dog food in France including cost of transport
French supermarkets don't stock premium foods, they are all multi coloured by-product filled stuff. You can get better quality food in the Bricomarche / Mr Bricolage type places and garden centres, but on the whole even they only stock Royal Canin and Purina who have a stranglehold on the dog food market in France. If you want natural additive free food then I would google the area you are visiting in the following manner "dog food Brittany" "dog food Limousin" as there are a number of small Brit run companies importing quality food like CSJ and others. Or you could check the websites of the food companies you rate and look at their French supplier lists.

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Premium dry dog food in France?

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