Best way to dispose of a dead fox?

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DiddlyQuaQua | 16:00 Sun 05th Jul 2009 | Environment
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Last week he ventured into my kitchen but sadly today I found him dead in one the flower beds. Only a young one.

How can I safely dispose of him. Having looked at their website it seems that the local council will only pick up dead foxes that are found on the highway or on council owned land.

Any ideas?


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Would it compromise your principles to put it on the side of the nearest highway and ring the council?
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East it. A lot of people live of road kill etc. Problem though if you don't know why it died may pose a problem! Bon appetite!
I wouldn't eat it! Carnivores are generally not good to eat as they're high up in the food chain and have a high concentration of toxins. Burying it in a deep hole in the garden springs to mind, although I know that's not always easy or practical.

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Best way to dispose of a dead fox?

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