Air Pollution = C O 2 Solution!

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gl556tr | 11:41 Thu 20th Jun 2019 | Environment
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The knee-jerk reaction to the key words "Air pollution" is that carbon-dioxide must be reduced. But that is but one of a cocktail of pollutants that are not at all conducive to our leading long and healthy lives.

Surely, the solution of electricity-powered road-transport -- be it battery or fuel-celled -- is only helpful, when only public transport with this modern means of power is allowed in town-centres? Little-mentioned is particle pollution - caused by exhausts as well as the wear and tear of tyres on road surfaces.
Heavier SUVs only exacerbate the problem.


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Need to go back to horse and carts. Put the pollutants on your rhubarb.

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Air Pollution = C O 2 Solution!

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