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robert551069 | 16:55 Thu 24th Apr 2014 | Environment
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If you want to help the environment, it is possible to make a donation to beekeeping societies in your area. The contact is


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Do you keep bees Robert? My mother is about to take a Bee keeping course, it was quite cheap and hopefully, if enough people do it, we'll have enough bumblebees to keep us in honey for a long while.

You won't get much honey from bumblebees, Ed.
You need honeybees for that. A completely different bee.
I thought that beekeepers kept honey bees not bumble bees? or does increasing the number of honey bees help the bumblies? Serious question.
honey bees will be more productive for your Mum ABEd!
Don't moan at ED bee-have yourselves
Alternatively buy honey..
Alternatively, buy local honey.
Depending how seriously she wishes to take it, it can be hard work. lugging a 'super' full of honey on a hot summer's day wearing bee proof kit can bee a bit of a sweat,.
There's a sign in our local shop saying, "Local Honey £2.50".
I though, "That's bl**dy cheap for a prostitute".
On a slight tangent, I don't know if I'm allowed to put links to Blogs on here, but I've been following the story of a completely amateur beekeeper in New York City via this blog and it gives lots of practical help/ tips for complete bee-keeping beginners and anyone interested in the process of setting up and creating a happy bee-hive: (it does veer off to gardening and other things too, but is quite an interesting read):
There are available books on bees written by experts with a lot of experience, I have a passing aquaintance with bee keeping having sometimes helped a very experienced friend when two pairs of hands were required, or when a swarm needed dealing with. Having seen the Martha Kearney programme on bee keeping I couldn't help but wonder why celebrity amateurs get such coverage uness it is to make us feel comfortable with our incompetence.

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Help For Beekeepers

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