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macsgirluk | 22:58 Thu 22nd Jul 2010 | Adverts
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Does anyone know where I can buy a Bird's Eye bear?


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This has been asked before.

Despite a lot of searching I've been unable to find any indication that they're on sale. You should be able to get a definite answer from Vicky Allard (Communications Director) at Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, which is the advertising agency behind the campaign. Here address is

Am I the only person who finds the bear annoying?
Annoying? Not really, but Birdseye's marketing director has admitted that some people find that bear "quite creepy":
There's even a Facebook page just to state that:

Of course the bear is replacing good old Captain Birdseye, a rather strange gentleman who seems to be perhaps a little too fond of young children, taking them away from their parents and feeding them on a nutritionally deficient diet. Nothing creepy about him then, eh?
Yeah - maybe creepy is a better description. Smug too.
Yes i also asked this question and emailed the address Chris advised, and was told they have no plans to sell the polar bear as yet, pity really think it would probably sell quite well.
I think that bear's weird. I'd rather have the panda that says bisqwits!

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Birds Eye bear

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