Service to press "5" on your mobile if in a sticky situation?

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one-big-letdown | 16:44 Tue 18th May 2010 | Adverts
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My girlfriend says she heard an advertisement on Radio City 96.7FM that there is a thing whereby you can press & hold "5" on your mobile phone if you're in trouble and it goes through to a control room who listens to the conversation, and sends help if required...

Did she hear correctly? If so, does anybody know their Web Site? I'd like to read up on it...

Thanks in advance :)


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I think this is a hoax...

this is quite funny but DO NOT PUT A REAL PHONE NUMBER IN
This reminds me of the hoax about typing in your PIN number backwards to alert the police if ever someone tries to mug you at the cash machine
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Cheers for the replies.

@factor30 - That's actually quite clever really! Lol...

I'm pretty sure this is a legitamate service...

Like, if someone is squaring up to you or something, you press 5 on your mobile, and some control room listens in to the situation via the phone, and if an attack initiates, will inform the police of the incident using GPS technology...

I know this question was a long shot in the dark, but really did interest me lol.
Your phone may not have gps the snopes article...its a hoax and a rather nasty one at that.
if you have enough time to press 5 and hold then you have enough time to dial 999 and 'call'

hoax, hoax, hoax, see link from woof
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Oh... fair enough lol.

Thanks everyone...

And yes pink-kittens, I thought that, but I presume its in-case you can't talk because the majority of "silent" 999 calls just get cut off.

Thanks again people.
holding 5 on pretty much any phone will dial what you have stored in number 5 speed dial (if speed dial is activated) so you could program it to call any number you like (including 999)

(woofgang, your link to snopes seems to have nothing to do with what the OP has asked)
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@chuck, oh yeah forgot about that haha
sorry Chuck I meant the bit about the GPS thing being unlikely
I'd be calling home if i held 5 - and as I'm the only one in most of the time I'd never be found! lol
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lol @pinkkittens

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Service to press "5" on your mobile if in a sticky situation?

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