Does anyone else object to the new paddypower add

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rowanwitch | 19:52 Sun 02nd May 2010 | Adverts
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I have seen the ad with the 'blind' footballers a accidentally booting the cat... Just think it might give some stupid kids the wrong idea. Who do I need to direct a complaint to...?


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Haven't seen it yet rowanwitch, but it sounds awful, you would think in this day and age they would realise it is a stupid thing to do. The Advertising Standards Authority Code of Conduct would be the people to get in touch with to complain.
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Thanks I will complain it really is a nasty ad
Me too, I think it's very very offensive to blind people .....
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Have just submitted my complaint to ASA will also e mail RSPCA as they may wish to take this on.
Well done. I agree that this ad is not only offensive to blind people but is almost certainly going to be upsetting to some animal lovers...
pussing the boundaries with this one
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Not funny philkool... as a pun that is...
they,re not blind
actually philcool, they are.
corrected but why the eye masks and is paddy power an irish terrorist group
next you will tell me it was a real cat in the advert
you feline in a good mood, philkool?
Thanks for the link, mushroom - what a stupid pathetic advert - at least you can see at the end that the cat is OK (and obviously didn't get kicked, but as you say it could give people ideas), but it looks terrified running amongst the players in the first place. Some ad company's been paid for coming up with that idea - a wrong call somewhere.
This advert is supposed to have been passed by Clearcast before it was aired, so this company wants to be reported too. I really hope these blind footballers kick each other in the watsits. How do they know when they are offside or indeed still on the pitch?.
PS where is the ad showing? I've not seen it but don't watch commercial tv that often.
maybe they can remake the add with a pitbull yea
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Now that would be funny.... paddy power man with fierce pitbull clamped to groin..... can I have my ball(s) back please....)
They're not blind! As a training exercise the coach seems to make the players wear blindfolds. There is bell in the football in what seems to be an exercise in communication between the players. A cat walks on to the pitch and a player takes aim - with 'hilarious' results.

Can't wait for the World Cup version with the crocodiles, lions and hippos.

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Does anyone else object to the new paddypower add

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