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Belfast-Bob | 03:24 Sun 11th Apr 2010 | Adverts
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What is the name of the 'actress/dancer' who picks up the leaf in the water @ the end of ad?

shes not a member of staff @ Thomas Cook.(my opionion)

her gait gives her away

she "walks" thru the set & picks up the leaf from the pol @ the end of the ad


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I don't think you mean Thomas Cook. They have Jamie and Louise Rednapp.

Is this one of the Thomson ads?

If so, I don't think there's any reason to think any of them are actual employees anymore than John Henshaw works in a Post Office or that dancer bloke works for We Buy Any Car. :-)
The Thomson ad is made by Beattie McGuinness Bungay.

I think the actress is Beth Wignall.
I think this is the one you are talking about, but have not got a clue who the girl is
so perhaps somebody will tell you after looking at this....
It's Beth Wignall.
This advert is one which really annoys me (funny how we like and love different adverts) - Beth Wignall has a very unnatural walk as she struts through the different scenes, doesn't look natural at all to me.
I've just seen some (the only, I believe) footage of Beth Wignall on YouTube (Common Fears Preview) and, although she's a similar looking actress, I'm sure this one on the Thomson ad is not her...although I appreciate somebody has named her at visit4info as being in the ad. They do get it wrong sometimes at visit4 and I've corrected a number of their errors in the past.
that's interesting

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