'Eileen Bilton on 32123'.......

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jaycee401 | 00:05 Wed 17th Feb 2010 | Adverts
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what was the advert for 'Eileen Bilton on 2123'....... thanks


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I THINK she was just a secretary on the other end of a phone line giving out brochures advertising Runcorn as a place to live/work in.
I thought the number was 3 88 88. But it was definitely for Warrington-Runcorn. I think she worked for the council and answered the phone for enquiries about office space or something. There are still Eileen Bilton signs in Warrington and I believe she now runs an estate agent that she named.
From Granada Television days I thought Eileen Bilton was just some freelance agent selling business space, but it was a company designated to promoting new business enterprise in the Warrington and Runcorn new towns. I still have an ear worm jingle of "three two one two three" buzzing about my head thirty years later! In July 2015, the company is now known as Altus Eileen Bilton, "Warrington's leading commercial property agency"

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'Eileen Bilton on 32123'.......

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