Postgold for cash advert with anne diamond as a newsreader

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Gnawer | 16:36 Tue 01st Sep 2009 | Adverts
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You know the one, when the man comes on holding a fistful of money and says " They Do mean Cash"

Does anyone know whether he is related to the young woman that comes on after him because they look identical to me. Cheers in advance!


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I think another-view will love this one.
Question Author
Really? Then please send him this way.
No they are not related. Can I ask why you would want to know? Do you know these people?
Question Author
No another view.....Had i have known them then why would i have been asking this question?

Anyway just a sportsman bet with a friend as they seemed to look the same and i was sure it was a father and daughter pair of actors.

Also in future if you find a question silly,absurd or wierd,please just read this on the front page...

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Thanks for your help Another-view.
I answered that they were not related and queried why you wanted to know such meaningless trivia. What's with the hissy fit?
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lol,Thats called dry sarcasm where im from so dont take it personal.
No problem.
The woman is called Karen Harrison and the man is Harry Kevinson.
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Cheers,but i lost the bet

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Postgold for cash advert with anne diamond as a newsreader

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