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Belfast-Bob | 05:20 Sun 28th Jun 2009 | Adverts
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You know who I'm talkin about...brunette, likes celebrity chefs, Julie is her character's name...she didnt have her hair done...I think she is doing the voice-over now...

Who is this actress?



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Can't find the ad where she appears with Jamie Oliver, bob, but, according to this one ith-Sainsburys-Own-Brands-Sainsburys-Store-Nat ional/70447

her name could be Gigi George. Google search didn't come up with too much, but, there's a few UK pages that link her with Tracy Brabin (who is her friend in the ads - but you knew that already).
Karen Harrison is the answer to this trivial nonsense.
The name you are looking for is Rosina Carbone.

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Sainsbury Sarah's Pal

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