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Belfast-Bob | 12:26 Thu 11th Jun 2009 | Adverts
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Whois the actress in this ad? She sounds slightly Scots.


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Karen McHarrison
Question Author
Thank you,


Belfast, I ought to warn you that another view has been identifying "karen harrison" or a variation of that name as the actress in every advert anybody is asking about....
Because I see no point in people wanting to know such random [email protected] What's he planning to do? Stalk her?

Someone was asking for details of a 10 year old girl the other day. Creepy stuff.
I can't see what you are on about as this forum is harmless.
Have you thought about joining the police or other organisation that actually try to make this world a happier and safer place? If the world you lived in no-one would be identified. So you would have gifted children on TV but don't mention their name. How is that going to stop stalking?
Folllowing people's carreers is not stalking.
You don't actually do anything for anybody just post false answers to mislead. Create a debate by all means but don't mess other people' enjoyment up.
maybe another-view's real name is karen harrison.....
He/she gave Karen Harrison as the answer to a question I asked two months ago and not being a regular on here I believed him/her. Some people do make genuine enquiries, mine because I'm sure I'd seen an actress in The Bill that now does a tv advert.

another-view??? more like ar5eh0le-view.
Question Author
Many thanks to all for your help.

I like the sound of Karen Harrison's accent & just wondered what her name is...nothing more sinister than that!!!


" mine because I'm sure I'd seen an actress in The Bill that now does a tv advert. "

Exactly the sort of random, trivial [email protected] that I genuinely can't understand why people would want to know.
Isn't that the point of Answerbank or am I missing something? If you can't give an honest answer then why respond to questions asked, or is that how you get your jollies?

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