edf advert music??

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chr1stina | 21:52 Sun 05th Apr 2009 | Adverts
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does anyone knw wht the song is on the new edf advert...something about being beautiful and my mom says tht mud the group are shown @ the end but doesnt knw if its them??x


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Info in there, chr1stina. Mud are the group at the end of the ad but it's not them singing.
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mmmm i dnt think thts the one im afraid its more upbeat and happpy song :)
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The song is "It's not easy being green". Originally sand by Kermit the Frog! It was indeed performed by "2 Different People" on the previous EDF advert, but this latest advert has a different version. Not sure who it's by? I could probably find out (as I work for EDF Energy)
Sussed it!

It�s being sung and played by a session band that has recorded the song especially for the EDF ad.

They do sound a lot like the 70s band MUD but it's not them singing!

If you go to the You Tube link below you will see Mud performing one of their hits "Tiger Feet"

At around 1.59 seconds. into the song you will see that this is the part used on the ad. 1

I think that EDF should release this as a single! Great stuff .
Weirder things have happened!

I hope this is of some help.
together we are beautiful by fern kinney

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edf advert music??

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