Who does the voiceover in the new Barclays Bank adverts?

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CraigOO7 | 21:00 Mon 16th Mar 2009 | Adverts
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Who does the voice over in the new Barclays Bank adverts?

It is driving me crazy, it is sooooo obvious but I can't think of his name!



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Stephen Merchant
Question Author
Thanks kempie, so obvious!
Jeeze - that tall guy that works with Ricky Gervais? I always quite liked him. But now I want to hang him from a hook to gut like a pig - that advert is driving me crazy in a totally different way: Is it possible that his over-exaggerated pronunciation of the word 'cash' is the most nail-on-chalkboard insanely irritating thing that ever was?! I think so. Everytime it comes on I want to tear every inch of skin from my own face >:@ ARRGGGH!!!
It's Stephen merchat it's really annoyed me and I tried to listen really carefully,

Then it randomly came to me!!!!!
It's only an advert for heaven's sake. Calm down and don't watch it. We're just looking for information here. Thanks for the answer kempie.

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Who does the voiceover in the new Barclays Bank adverts?

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