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Frozen_peas | 20:12 Thu 22nd Jan 2009 | Adverts
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I know this has probably been asked before, but does anyone know the music on the 'dad's promise' advert for Sma formula, its like a cute piano tune.
I really want it! And sorry if this has been asked before.


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brahms lullaby vert_ads

was difficult to find a whole version of ad but found this.
Go to you tube and search brahms lullaby for lots of different musical versions.

I only registered to give you this answer since I was looking for it too and wanted to let you know I was successful. It was hard to find. No one seemed to know it but I knew it was not Brahm's lullaby.

It was composed by Alexandre Desplat for the film Birth (starring Nicole Kidman) the track is called The Engagement (track 2). It is a leitmotif throughout the album (particularly prevalent in the last track).

The only way I found it was to randomly select composers who I thought sounded similar (starting with Philip Glass) and hoped that the "listeners also bought" feature on itunes worked to bring it up eventually. It did (though I think some luck was involved since I only had to listen to 2 albums before I found it). It is a great track but the whole album is brilliant.


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Music on the SMA advert

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