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marand93 | 13:54 Wed 01st Oct 2008 | Adverts
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The new C4 ad with a techno version of 'Stayin Alive' but by who?


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Yes thanks for that. I knew I had posted this question earlier but I couldnt be bothered looking for it.
So there.
Here's a philosophical question...

which is more time consuming, laziness or stupidity?

It actually took more effort for you to repost the question than to click on "My Questions" in your profile.
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Which is easier for you?
Accepting that not all people may be graced with the same apparent intelligence as you or, waking up each day and deciding that you will, in fact, every day demonstrate your skill as being a knob?
Frankly, I find it easier to do for myself rather than expect to be spoonfed.

It is not necessarily a matter of intelligence to find the answer to a question, especially in this cyberworld we inhabit, but the level of sloth (to which you freely admit) required to consciously ignore a previously answered post and repeat the question speaks reams of your character.

And name calling certainly fails to enhance it further.

Ta Ta.

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advert music citroen c4

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