dinners in the dog

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buddybird | 18:58 Wed 17th Sep 2008 | Adverts
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Can anyone remeber an advertisemnt for some food product feturing a woman who was annoyed at her husband coming home late. When he turned up, she announced "dinners in the dog" the cute looking dog looked puzzled as he had watched it being scrapped into the bin!
What was the dog breed?
What was the food product


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I think it was a British Telecoms ad but idon`t remember the dog breed.
YES it has finally appeared!!!

Saw this yesterday in the unanswered questions but every time I clicked the link, nothing.

I was only think about this the other day because while watching an episode of minder or the sweeney, I recognised the guy in that ad and it all came back.

The ad was for Heinz soup, tomato I think. He was a cabby, and the dog I think was just a mongrel.

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dinners in the dog

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