Who is the new Pandora in the Daz advert??

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cully | 16:17 Wed 13th Aug 2008 | Adverts
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A new actress has taken over the role of Pandora in the latest Daz ad (the one in the car). Does anybody know who she is??


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She was in a sofa advert where she kept telling the dog to get down
John Noakes in Drag,perhaps?
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Karen, please rack your brains to remember which sofa company it was.. Harveys? DFS? World of Leather?
I think it was Harveys but I'm not 100 per cent sure. She was talking to the camera about prices being down and everytime she said down she turned and directed at the dog who was lying on the couch. It was maybe a year or 2 ago.
Hi, She has been in all the Harvey's adverts but also the Imodium, Toyota Auris, Finish tablets, moneysupermarket(?) adverts too! Sadly nobody knows her name but apparently she's been in all the sachi and sachi adverts!
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Thanks, Ian. I suppose with that list of ads her name is bound to get out eventually...
She was also in a diet coke advert which had 2 different endings, one where the guys she goes home with has a full fridge of diet coke and the other where he has only one and drinks out of a world's greatest lover mug. I think I have seen her in some television program too but can't remember what. Strange that she seems to have disappeared from adverts suddenly.

She was also in a shampoo advert, anybody know which one?

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Who is the new Pandora in the Daz advert??

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