M&S advert on train

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bodeker | 21:50 Mon 24th Sep 2007 | Adverts
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Is it just me or do the models seem to acting like they are attracted to the other women?


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No, they are just being girly... not been around many girls have you lol
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Well I am a woman and can be quite demonstrative to my friends but I feel this ad goes over the top
Your not the only one, dont worry bodeker ;)
Yes it's marvelous isn't it ??
I think the inderence is that each woman can see the attraction of the others.

As you know, this is a situation in which women are far more comfortable than men - mainly because in our modern society, men see any hint of attraction between women as a arbinger to a saphic romp at which they will be the only voyeurs. This sits alongside the notion that even making accidental eye contact with another man has to be covered with much harrumping, back-slapping, and loud tales of excess alcohol ingenstion

Women are simply more comfortable in admiring each other as attractive people - and the ad conforms to this - while emphasising it - as it needs to, because the attraction is being shown as a result of the clothing being advertisised - a lack of admiring glances means the message is lost.

That said - the sight of Noemie Lenoir in a teddy makes breathing impossible for about half an hour at a time!
The Afro-Carabean lady gets 4GS's hot under the collar, if she was to get it on with any of the other models in that advert.........
oooh oooh oooh oooh aint they priddy!

i like the black girl, she is hott....she is officially the only black girl i fancy......i like the blue underwear she wears too.....

no its not over the top, its catchy....i like it!
lol i guess we think alike, we posted that at the same time....that shows how hot she really is!
I'll fight you for her
nah you can keep that

Well, from a different perspective...the only men they might find on the VSOE will have an age average of...well...deceased! So if it's really men they're looking for, it ain't gonna be there! But then, the other perspective is that the men on that train will certainly have extremely large, bulging, wallets!

In seriousness, I thought the advert was cute and despite promoting a rather nice line of knickers, it was all rather innocent, in an extremely European way. If anyone here is uncomfortable with the ads, I might suggest it has to do with our 'British-ness.'

I love the music. AND I love the VSOE! It's the best way to travel!


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M&S advert on train

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