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Kateish05 | 22:43 Thu 23rd Aug 2007 | Adverts
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Does anyone know the music used on Hiscox's new advert? I really like it, I'm sure I've heard it before...

Thanks for any help!

Kateish xx


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Sorry I cant tell you now, but I work for them, so will be able to find out tomorrow

All I can say for sure is its Bernard Hill (Boys from t he Blackstuff, LOTR, Titanic) who does the voice over

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Thanks for the help!
I was actually going to post asking about the voice over... But you answered before I could ask! n_n
Heres all the stuff about the ad

The Director (Brett Foraker) has done several TV ads but is most famous for his work with Channel 4. He was the director on their idents (when the number 4 appears out of the buildings etc).

The Director of photography (Bill Pope) worked on Spiderman 1 and 2 as well as the Matrix films.

The voiceover is Bernard Hill who has been in films like Lord of the Rings (King Theoden) and Titanic (the ship�s captain)

The music is by Rebelski -

We filmed the last street scene between 6pm and 7am � it was a main street in Toronto (Yonge Street) which we shut down and then filled with 40 cars (including a London black cab!), 40 actors and we had a huge rain machine.

We used a cloud machine to generate some of the close up cloud images � believe it not this was a huge tank of water which was then filled with milky coloured solutions. Simple but effective!

The advert was filmed in Toronto � in many scenes we have had to delete the CN tower (a huge structure in the middle of the city) to ensure you can�t tell where it is filmed.
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Wow thanks JackDanielsU!
You answered my question and so much more! I couldn't have asked for a better answer.
So much work, time and effort for an advert that lasts just a minute or two... It's crazy, but so worth it with beautiful adverts like these!

Thanks again!

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