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LLAnime | 04:43 Sun 05th Aug 2007 | Adverts
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There is a Sky Movies ad currently on rotation on Sky Movies channels (I'm watching it right now on Sky Premiere). It features one line, "from John to Jolie" and at the end: "join the evolution". Anyone know the music for this?



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They're using Pure Imagination (from Willie Wonka) by Gene Wilder. Listen here =Sky
I have that song, and it sounds nothing like the advert. Here is the link
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Mm� I listened to Pure Imagination and it doesn't sound like the ad music. Maybe it's a slightly different version. I'll need to watch the ad again. I'll see if I can record it.

i am looking for the music from the same advert. if you find out wat it is will u please post it as an answer

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Just like LLAnime, I'm keen to find out about the music used in the Sky movies Join the evolution ad's and trailers, which they are still using during ad breaks on other Sky Channels. Def. not Pure Imagination..this one is all instrumental and quite a lively but tuneful beat. Anyone know what it is yet?
Music is The Sun and the Sea by Future Loop Foundation.

Hope that helps

Hers the advert
Sky Movies
Further to my own request to find out the music used by Sky Movies..I've a feeling it could be Sigur Ros and "Vidrar vel til loftarasa" with possibly some extra violin work added. Please listen to on You Tube..the clearest version being under "Final Fantasy" and let me know if you think this is it. Whatever... it's beautiful in the most part to listen enjoy !
Amazing..Just after posting my latest, I saw the info from SkyUser..thanks so much..this is it, although I guess you mean "The Sea and the Sky" by Future Loop. But, hey, how amazing to have 2 tunes sounding so listen to the Sigur Ros song and you'll be amazed. Put both together and you could have one of the most dazzling atmosphere scores of the decade. Thanks again SkyUser.
The Sea and the Sky - ( 9 mins of it)

No probs, you wouldn't believe what I had to do to find that out ;)
The Sea and the Sky
If u were a girl id kiss u. thanks a gazzlion for this.
Thanks god I ain't a girl. Glad I could help, it cost a friendship ;)

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