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beejaybee | 13:53 Mon 07th May 2007 | Adverts
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well this just takes away the point of this site.
Question Author
. Sorry I bothered. It was not meant that way, but there could be questions that abers don`t know the answers to.
90% of the questions asked in the Topics here can be found with a small amount of "googling" etc, and there are a good few sites like the one you mention that help with advert tunes

But some people are "lazy" and would like to just ask the question...go get a cup of tea, walk the dog etc, and come back and find their answer waiting for them. Even if the same question has just been asked and replied to on here, the question will still get asked.
That site is pretty useful, yes, but I do sometimes find it a bit slow in being updated. As most questions in the advert section relate to music from current or very recent ads, it's always possible that the site won't have it yet. Certainly well worth a look though.

That said, I don't see what's wrong with asking on here (apart from when questions get repeated for the 1000th time). Sometimes it's nice to get an answer from a human, even if it is just on a web forum. :-)
There are a few similar sites , most of which are similar to
CB&B ie

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Music in ads

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