Maestro and Cirrus penguin ads

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beenee | 18:23 Sun 11th Jan 2004 | Adverts
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Why have the advertising people gone out of their way to make those ads so painfully irratating? No one could possibly find them funny/cute.


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They look quite scary to me.
I suppose it's just another case of the ad industry trying to latch onto a cultural zeitgeist. The ads are by Joel Veitch, and are posher versions of his animations from his website


Maybe the ad agency believed, that the sort of people who would like his work, are the target audience for using a Switch/Maestro card in Paris?

I personally really like those ads, even though they are for the rather grey and faceless world of corporate banking!
I think they are great. It's more annoying when people post their personal views on here pretending that its a question !
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Be nice mtlljri. Don't play if you can't.
the penguins are the god of the world. people who dont like them are bogey faces. worship the penguins worship the penguins worship the penguins worship the penguins

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Maestro and Cirrus penguin ads

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