Peugeot Advert/commercial with shark and True Colours soundtrack.

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TheFullJenny | 23:22 Fri 20th Apr 2007 | Adverts
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It's a great advert where a young boy swims in front of a girl to protect her from a shark at the beginning of the ad, (I think it's a Peugeot 406). As part of the ad we also see a guy give his shoes to a homeless man and also a huge guy stroking a kitten. At the end we see an adult guy with a large shark bite scar on his side meeting a woman on a pier.
Does anyone know where I can download this?


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I think maybe it could be "search for a hero" by m people, (or heather small)-hope this helps.
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The song's actually True Colours, it's the ad itself that I'd like to download, sorry if I was a little vague :).
I know it's off the point, but i think the song is by Cyndi Lauper, in case anyone reading this does wonder who it's by. And it's indeed called 'True Colours'.
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The song True Colours is by Cyndi Lauper but on the advert itself I believe it was performed by children.
hi, TheFullJenny here is a link to the advert that you described

hope it helps ;)
Peugeot 406 (True colours)

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Peugeot Advert/commercial with shark and True Colours soundtrack.

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