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devil monkey | 19:33 Fri 09th Mar 2007 | Adverts
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eggheads is really annoying. the eggheads always get easier questions than the ones who aren't the eggheads. (can't remember what the word is for them) does anyone agree.


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It's true, and that CJ one is so ... AGHH. he thinks he knows
i dunno why i watch it :S
I love it when a Challenger beats CJ! It's nice to see him taken down a peg or two. Some of the questions do seem a little weighted in the Eggheads favour, especially in the final round. How many teams have actually won the money?
Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that cj bloke is arrogant as the day is long and it makes me laugh to see that bloke with the eyebrows doing his speech at the start, next time you watch it look at his eyes/eyebrows. their up and down like a yo-yo:)
watched the whole prog for the first time tonight, not sure wether they still do it cos i missed the very begining where they say 'My name is Judith Keppel and I was the 1st person EVER to win blah blah blah.....what a condecending bunch, now i know why i havent watched it in full before.
by the way devil monkey are you still the baby of AB?? not heard from you for a while : )
There are hundreds of people who have complained, in fact the item was on have your say on BBC last year. Having seen many episodes since i don't think they are taking any notice.
It needs more people to complain to ch5 and bbc complaints to try and get this injustice stopped.
I agree that the eggheads are an arrogant bunch, and I agree that they always seem to get the easy questions. In fact, we only have Dermot what's 'is name's word that the opposition team are getting the questions they requested by going either first or second.

However, don't you think that some of the teams are doomed from the start. For instance, very young ones who haven't got a chance when questions about the sixties or something come up.

I didn't know that there had been complaints but I think that someone should complain about the Eggheads attitude. For example CJ's smirking and that awful Daphne's childish hand clapping and punching the air when CJ get something right.
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i don't think 13 is baby age curly perm. i haven't been on because when people answer my questions my dad gets emails to his blackberry. and he was in america and he had to pay for them so he told me not to. now hes back i can carry on asking.
oh ok, when i say 'baby' i meant in comparison to a lot of us old giffers on here lol glad to see you back!
You see my daughters 14 and she'll always be my 'Baby'
; )
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sorry for being a bit defensive there, but i got annoyed when everyone didn't believe me.
no probs, its not difficult to get defensive on here, i'm 45 and no-one beleives me !! hehehehehehehe

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